Modern Slavery Data Stories

1 April 2019
Research Innovation

Emily Cholette  | Communications, Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer - Delta 8.7

Everyone deserves to feel safe and valued in their work while being fairly paid. However, in 2016, more than 40 million people were estimated to be victims of modern slavery around the world and more than 152 million children were estimated to be in situations of child labour.

With Target 8.7 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 193 countries pledged their commitment to take effective measures to eradicate forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking by 2030 and child labour by 2025.

To highlight global action and efforts to achieve Target 8.7, Delta 8.7 partnered with EarthTime—part of the Community Robotics, Education and Technology Empowerment Lab (CREATE Lab) at Carnegie Mellon University—to create a series of data stories that demonstrate the prevalence of these human rights abuses as well as how governments efforts to address them have changed over time. Using datasets from the ILO, IOM, Walk Free Foundation, SmartLab, UK Government, Delta 8.7 and the United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, combined with NASA satellite imagery, this project tells a unique, interactive story about the prevalence of these human rights abuses and the efforts to eradicate these crimes. These stories also compliment the Data Dashboards, which visualize available data on forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour on the national level.

Quick access to the stories

Story 1: Prevalence of Modern Slavery and Child Labour

Story 2: Government Efforts to End Modern Slavery





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