Call for Recommendations and Expressions of Interest: UN Slavery Fund Board Members’ Vacancies

6 dezembro 2019
Investigação inovadora

The UN Voluntary Trust Fund on Contemporary Forms of Slavery is seeking qualified candidates to serve on the Boards of Trustees.

Background – UN Slavery Fund

The UN Voluntary Trust Fund assists victims of contemporary forms of slavery through grants to civil society organizations providing medical, psychological, legal, social and humanitarian services.

Role – Board of Trustees

The role of the five-member Board of Trustees of the Fund is to advise the Secretariat on which grants to award and related policy issues, as well as to promote the Fund with donors, applicants and other stakeholders.

Vacancies – Board of Trustees

OHCHR Funds’ Secretariat is currently in the process of identifying suitable candidates to fill the following Board of Trustees’ vacancies with the UN Slavery Fund in 2020 (3 vacancies):

  • One from the ASIA – PACIFIC Region 
  • One from the GRULAC Region 
  • One from the Eastern European Region 


Candidates must be fluent in English and have relevant human rights experience, in particular on contemporary forms of slavery. Those with different professional profiles (including doctors, psychologists, social workers and jurists) are encouraged to apply[insert comma], and candidates with fundraising experience are welcomed. Human rights defenders who have themselves survived slavery are also encouraged to apply.


Members serve in their personal capacity and are appointed for a three-year term (which can be renewed once), with due regard to equitable geographical distribution. The Secretary-General appoints members, based on the Secretariat’s recommendations.

Please identify potential candidates by:

  1. sending recommendations (if possible, including a CV and without approaching the potential candidate(s) and;
  2. circulating this message widely among colleagues and relevant partners and networks.

Please send suggested names and/or direct expressions of interest for UN Slavery Fund Board Members candidates by 15 January 2020, to Ms Vibhawari Kamble,

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