Emily Cholette

Communications, Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer - Delta 8.7

Emily Cholette is Communications, Monitoring & Evaluation and Learning Officer for Delta 8.7 – The Alliance 8.7 Knowledge Platform project at the Centre for Policy Research.

A strategic communication and monitoring and evaluation specialist with experience in designing and implementing Communication for Development (C4D) approaches to counter-trafficking, labour migration, human rights and youth participation projects. She has substantial experience in research management, partnership building and communications.

Ms Cholette was previously the C4D Officer at IOM X, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s counter-trafficking media campaign in Bangkok, Thailand. Here she monitored and evaluated campaign activities, and developed evidence-based counter trafficking and safe migration communication materials for public dissemination in the Asia Pacific. She developed strategic briefs and provided stakeholders with tools and learning resources, including capacity development trainings, on how to create impactful content and activities for vulnerable populations.

At MTV EXIT, an MTV corporate social responsibility counter-trafficking initiative in the Asia Pacific region, she managed their social media platforms and was responsible for conducting quantitative and qualitative research to ensure campaign activities were evidence based and informed by using participatory processes.

Ms Cholette holds a Master’s degree in Media Communications and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science and undertook her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies from Concordia University (Canada).

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