Code 8.7 Membership

Led by the Organizing Committee comprised of Delta 8.7 at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research, the Alan Turing Institute, the Computing Community Consortium, the Rights Lab at the University of Nottingham, the Global Security Initiative at Arizona State University and AnnieCannons, Code 8.7 is a community that researches, develops and applies AI-powered anti-slavery strategies, directly informed by survivors. Those involved engage with practitioners to combine state-of-the-art AI with novel data streams to advance the field through cutting-edge research.

To expand the Code 8.7 community’s reach and broaden the scope of activities, we are pleased to invite organizations interested in researching or developing how AI, machine-learning, or computational science can be used to combat modern slavery, and/or those who want to network with like-minded organizations, to become a member of the Code 8.7 community.

Any entity can become a Member of the Code 8.7 Community, for free, by submitting an application indicating their commitment to the Mission of the Community:

“Code 8.7 is a community that develops and applies AI-powered and survivor-informed anti-slavery solutions. We engage practitioners to leverage state-of-the-art AI, machine-learning and computational science and advance the field through cutting-edge research.”

Benefits to members:

Upon approval, a Member will be entitled to:

  • Display a “Code 8.7” logo on their website and information for users to learn more; (link back to
  • Seek Code 8.7 Organizing Committee Support for projects undertaken in collaboration with other Members;
  • Feature research outputs of such projects on the Delta 8.7 Knowledge Platform; and
  • Participate in Membership-based workstreams or events


All Members and Organizing Committee Members shall cover their own costs of participation in the work of Code 8.7.

Intellectual Property:

As a starting point, IP remains with its progenitors and owners. Code 8.7 has no claim to the IP of its Members developed while working within a Code 8.7 context or framework.

How to Apply

Please fill out the form below to confirm your interest. Note that applications will be considered on a rolling basis. The Code 8.7 organizing committee will review and respond to membership applications within two weeks. Thank you!

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