How to Measure the Change

We are working on compiling materials to provide an introduction to fundamental statistical concepts and methods in the effort to end forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour.

In the meantime, for more on basic terms, see our Glossary, or check out the information below.

Measuring Child Labour

Measuring Forced Labour

Measuring Human Trafficking

Measurement of Related Issues

Measuring Social Protections

Measuring Government Response


Measurement and Statistical Methods

Symposium: Contending with the Legal Status Quo: Why Evidence is Central to Anti-Slavery Action

Katarina Schwarz
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Survivor and Victim Support

Symposium: Addressing Modern Slavery’s Root Causes

Jess Torres, Nat Paul
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Measurement and Statistical Methods

Symposium: An Introduction to Tomorrow’s Slavery, Today

Urmila Bhoola
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Law Enforcement

Creating an Effective, Collaborative Human Trafficking Response with the Available Resources in Rural Communities

Madison Murphy Barney, Christina A. Sambor
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Economics, Business Regulation and Supply Chains

Corporate Social Responsibility and the Failure to End Labour Exploitation

Vivek Soundararajan, Andrew Crane, Laura Spence, Michael Bloomfield, Genevieve LeBaron
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Measurement and Statistical Methods

Measurement, Action, Freedom: Assessing Government Action to Achieve Target 8.7

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