How to Measure the Change

We are working on compiling materials to provide an introduction to fundamental statistical concepts and methods in the effort to end forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour.

In the meantime, for more on basic terms, see our Glossary, or check out the information below.

Measuring Child Labour

Measuring Forced Labour

Measuring Human Trafficking

Measurement of Related Issues

Measuring Social Protections

Measuring Government Response


Local Civil Society Organizations as Key Actors to Reduce Child Labour in Rural Colombia

Sara Arredondo, Laura Cortés Obregón, Felipe Chaparro, Camilo Andrés Velásquez
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The Importance of Collaborative Action to Address the Modern Slavery-Environmental Degradation-Climate Change Nexus

Bethany Jackson
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Assessing the Interconnections and Gaps between SDG 8.7 and the Environmental SDGs

Bethany Jackson
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Building an Anti-Trafficking Support System for Uganda’s Sustainability

Doreen Boyd
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Breaking the Vicious Circle: Climate Change, Environmental Destruction and Contemporary Slavery

Dr Chris O’Connell
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AI for Good: Using AI to Prevent Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Forced and Child Labour

Nesrien Hamid, Alice Eckstein, Anjali Mazumder, James Goulding, Doreen Boyd , Nadya Bliss, Ben Harris
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