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2021 to Be International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour
A evolução do Relatório Global do UNODC sobre o Tráfico de Pessoas
British Columbia Tightens Child Labour Laws
Criando um projeto de lei contra a escravidão moderna no Canadá
Defendendo os direitos dos sobreviventes no Nepal
How to Spur Corporate Accountability with Modern Slavery Legislation
Implementing Shared Decision Making with Child Trafficking Survivors
Labour Exploitation in the UK’s Hand Car Wash Sector
Mapping Agricultural Labour Trafficking in Texas
Measurement, Action, Freedom: Assessing Government Action to Achieve Target 8.7
New Report on Connection Between Migration and Modern Slavery
New Report on Modern Slavery in Pacific Canned Tuna Supply Chains
New Website Launched to Monitor French Duty of Vigilance Law
Promovendo fluxos de informação para cumprir a Meta 8.7
The Challenge of Human Trafficking Along the Balkan Route
UK Launches New Modern Slavery Research Centre
UK Withdraws 45-Day Support Limit for Slavery Victims
US Publishes Latest Trafficking in Persons Report
Shared Learning and Understanding the Contexts for Human Trafficking from Albania, Viet Nam and Nigeria to the UK
Nepal Releases New Forced Labour Survey
New Tool to Understand Link Between Trafficking and Corruption
Uma abordagem dos direitos humanos para medir a escravatura moderna
Ireland Takes Steps to Protect Migrant Workers From Modern Slavery
Lutar contra a escravatura moderna nas cadeias de abastecimento a partir da base
New Report on Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon
Simpósio: o que funciona? 5 lições aprendidas sobre o risco de escravatura para agentes políticos
Simpósio: enfrentar as escolhas aquando da modelação do risco da escravatura moderna
Sri Lanka Ratifies Forced Labour Convention
New Report Shows Companies Fall Short in Efforts to Address Forced Labour
Simpósio: modelar o risco da escravatura moderna | Uma resposta
Simpósio: demonstrar riscos não é o mesmo que estimar a prevalência
The Social, Spatial and Temporal Systems Behind Human Trafficking
ILO Report Finds Dramatic Reduction in Forced Labour in Uzbekistan
Thailand Passes Stricter Forced Labour Law
Modern Slavery Data Stories
Code 8.7: A Survivor Perspective
Code 8.7: How We Can Advance Collaborative Problem Solving
Code 8.7: Creating Incentives for Action – Research, Regulation and Rewards
Code 8.7: Towards a Pipeline – Technology, Techniques and Training
As ligações entre tráfico, conflito e deslocação da população na Síria e arredores
Code 8.7: Finding Hidden Populations – Orphanage Trafficking
Code 8.7: FinTech
Code 8.7: Slavery From Space
Code 8.7: Using ICT to Find Hidden Populations
Delta 8.7 lança painéis de dados interativos
Code 8.7: Mining Government Data to Reach Target 8.7
Combinar dados da indústria e dos direitos humanos para pôr fim à escravatura em cadeias de abastecimento de produtos do mar
Code 8.7: Vulnerability Mapping and Modelling
Code 8.7: Introduction
Mobilizar o setor financeiro como parte de uma estratégia global para erradicar a escravatura moderna
Simpósio: Abordagens locais à escravidão moderna | Uma resposta
Re/integração de sobreviventes no Camboja: o que funciona?
Simpósio: Esforços abrangentes para acabar com o tráfico humano desde a base
Simpósio: Apropriando-se de Abordagens Locais
Simpósio: Uma Abordagem de Prevenção ao Tráfico Humano para toda a Cidade
Simpósio: Uma Introdução às Abordagens Locais para Combater a Escravidão Moderna
A necessidade de uma investigação informada pelos sobreviventes para combater o tráfico de seres humanos
Simpósio: Abordagens locais à escravidão moderna
Simpósio: Uma Introdução à Modelagem do Risco de Escravidão Moderna
Reflecting on Challenges and Best Practices for Research Methods to Investigate Forced Labour
Simpósio: Os Benefícios e Limitações da Modelagem do Risco de Escravidão Moderna
New Report on Child Labour in the Arab Region
Slavery from Space: A Remote Sensing Approach to Ending Modern Slavery
Medir a reabilitação dos sobreviventes com a ferramenta de Avaliação dos Resultados dos Sobreviventes
Public-Private Partnerships in the Philippines: Testing a New Model for Business and Government Engagement
Addressing Tomorrow’s Slavery Today
The Problem with Forced Rescue and Detention in Anti-trafficking Initiatives
Universal Education About Human Trafficking for Health Professionals
Compreender as estratégias de recrutamento dos traficantes através da teoria de culto
Nepal Creates Dedicated Police Anti-Trafficking Bureau
Thailand Becomes First Asian Nation to Ratify ILO Work in Fishing Convention
Trends in Child Labour and the Way Forward
UNODC Releases Latest TIP Reports
The Child Labour Risk Identification Model: A Regional Contribution to Achieve Target 8.7
EU Lifts 'Yellow Card' on Thailand Fishing Industry
Sudan: From People Smuggling to Human Trafficking
Screening Migrant Workers in Thailand with New Technology
Medir os gastos de APD para atingir a Meta 8.7
Medir a mudança: bem-vindo à Delta 8.7
O que é que sabemos mesmo sobre a prevalência do tráfico de seres humanos?
Simpósio: modelar o risco da escravatura moderna
New Report on Using CEDAW to Fight Human Trafficking
ILO Releases New Reports on Child and Forced Labour Policies
OSCE Releases Report on Protecting Child Trafficking Victims
Civil Society Endorses Principles for Advancing Target 8.7
Child and Forced Labour Found in Brazil's Cocoa Industry
Brazil Launches National Plan Against Child Labour
Utilizar o know-how existente para combater a escravatura moderna
Australia One Step Closer to Modern Slavery Act
UNODC Releases Trafficking Estimates for Ireland, Romania, Serbia
Ranking Shows Failure of Big Business to Address Human Rights Issues
The Role of Gender Relations in Tackling Forced Labour in Supply Chains
The Political Economy of Anti-Trafficking – The Evidence Base
IOM Launches New Version of the Counter Trafficking Data Collaborative
Want to Stop Child Labour? Lessons From the Young Lives Study
Evaluating Efforts to Address Forced Labour in the Food and Beverage Industry
New Guidelines Approved for Measuring Forced Labour
Understanding Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Nepal
‘Blood Bricks’ Report Shows Connection Between Climate Change and Modern Slavery in Cambodia
Canada’s House of Commons Committee Releases Report to End Child Labour and Forced Labour in Supply Chains
Ethical Certification Doesn’t Eradicate Forced Labour
Liberty Global | Asia Releases New Paper on Nexus Between Human Trafficking and Corruption
Why is Nigeria a Hub for Human Trafficking?
Actionable, Cost-Effective Prevalence Measurement to End Modern Slavery
Using MSE to Measure Modern Slavery in Developed Countries
In Need of Politics and Participation to Tackle Exploitation
New Report on Restitution for Trafficking Victims in the US
What is Delta 8.7? (Video)
UK Top 100 Modern Slavery Influencers' Index Released
Using Big Data to Combat Child Labour
US Department of Labor Releases Latest Findings on Child Labour
Data: The World’s Most Valuable Resource to Fight Child Labour
What the ILO Is Doing to Achieve Target 8.7
The Endemic Problem of Forced Labour in Global Tea and Cocoa Supply Chains
The Changing Nature of Albanian Trafficking
Five Key Themes to Move Towards a Region Free of Child Labour
Why We Need a Global Fund Model to Fight Modern Slavery
Understanding the Understanding Children’s Work Programme
From Data to Social Impact in Brazil
Making Forced Labour Economically Unprofitable
There’s a Lot We Don’t Know About the Business of Forced Labour
The Walk Free Foundation: The Role of Research in Eradicating Modern Slavery
Is Modern Slavery the Domain of Organized Crime?
The Decent Work SmartLab: A Knowledge Management Initiative in Brazil
How the Freedom Fund Faces the Challenge of Measuring Impact
UNODC’S Vision For Measurement of Trafficking in Persons
The Problematic Entanglements Between Civil Society and Corporations
Thailand Ratifies the Protocol of 2014 to the Forced Labour Convention, 1930
Save the Children Releases "The Many Faces of Exclusion"
The Interactive Map for Business of Anti-Human Trafficking Organisations
Norway Bans Child Marriage
Australia's Modern Slavery Act
Ontario Offering Legal Support to Human Trafficking Survivors

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