Policy Guide Process

Public Consultation

We aim to conduct an open, transparent and highly credible drafting process that combines rigorous scientific review and evidence with policy acumen. To this effect in addition to convening three global expert working groups who will be responsible for developing these guides, Delta 8.7, between now and March 2021, will hold three public consultations:

  1. Public Consultation on the Process and Call for Nominations
  2. Public Submission of evidence
  3. Public Consultation on draft Policy Guides

First Round – Public Consultation on the Process and Call for Nominations

1) Apply to join one of the three global expert Working Groups

If you are interested in applying:

  1. Please consult the Policy Guide Concept Note which lays out the plan for the guides in its entirety.
  2. Read FAQ’s here.
  3. Fill in this application form and submit your C.V.

2) Comment on Policy Guide Concept Note

Delta 8.7 is inviting feedback on the Policy Guide Concept Note.

Please get in touch with Angharad Smith – angharad.smith@unu.edu with any comments and suggestions on the process.

Second Round – Public Submission of Evidence

Between July and September 2020, Delta 8.7 will assemble a public database of evidence on what works to achieve SDG 8.7. This will be assembled through submissions from the public using a Submission Form found here and through a parallel literature review carried out by an independently commissioned consultant—the University of Nottingham Rights Lab.

The database will be “published” at several points during the submission period, to allow those who have submitted content to review whether certain sources have already been included, and thereby focus their time on adding new sources of evidence to the database.

Both public submissions and the independent review will provide specific information about twenty data points for each piece of evidence they are submitting, allowing for classification of that evidence.

If you are interested in submitting evidence:

  1. Please read the Technical Note on Submission and Evaluation of Evidence, which provides guidance on how to submit evidence for consideration in the Delta 8.7 Policy Guide Process, and explains how that evidence will be evaluated and handled.
  2. Submit evidence by filling out the Public Submission of Evidence Form

If you have any questions please contact: Angharad Smith – angharad.smith@unu.edu