The Justice Policy Guide seeks to identify the mix of multilateral and national policies needed to accelerate progress towards SDG Target 8.7, including criminal and civil justice, survivor engagement and support, and the role of the health sector.

From now until 15 February 2021, to ensure that the process for the creation of this Guide is rigorous, transparent and collaborative, the draft will undergo a period of public consultation conducted by Delta 8.7 to permit critique and comment. At the final working group meeting in February, the Working Group members will collectively decide how and what feedback will be incorporated into the final draft of the Policy Guide. Please note feedback may not be incorporated for this draft, but it may help inform future work on policy guides.





There are two ways in which an individual or organization can provide feedback on the guide:


Email Angharad Smith directly at angharad.smith@unu.edu


The Justice Working Group is comprised of 32 members. Referenced in the image below from left to right, top to bottom, in alphabetical order, the members, their titles and organizations are as follows:


Working Group Chair

Ruth Juliet Nyambura Gachanja, Child Rights Technical Advisor, Counter-Trafficking in Persons Expert, Advocate of the High Court of Kenya

Working Group Members

Ioana Bauer, President, eLiberare
Vicky Brotherton, Policy Engagement Manager, University of Nottingham
Jean Bruggerman, Executive Director, Freedom Network USA
Susana Casado, Secretariat of National Institute of Public Administration of Mexico
Jenny Constantine, Lecturer, Law Enforcement Officer, Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
John Coyne, Head of Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement. Head of the North and Australia’s Security, ASPI
Dina Dominitz, Acting National Anti-Trafficking Coordinator and head of the Anti-trafficking unit at the Israeli Ministry of Justice
Malina Enlund, Head of Anti-Trafficking, ECPAT International
Chris Gay, Co-founder and President, Freedom Now International
Kwynn Gonzalez-Pons, PhD Candidate and Research Associate
Dr Mollie Gordon, Associate Professor in the Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston
Charity Jensen, Head of Programs, Global Family Care Network
Leo Lin, Institute for Asian Crime and Security
Petra Linden, CommonSpirit Health
Alison Marshal, Partner, Jones Day
Gonzalo Martinez de Vedia, McCain Institute
Megan K. Mattimoe, Advocating Opportunity
Roy McComb, Independent Consultant
Wafwile Musukwa, Ministry of Labour, Malawi
Paul Divakar Namala, Inclusivity Project
Kara Napolitano, Research and Training Manager, Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking
Dr David Okech, Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Samuel Okoroji Ugochukwu, National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)
Philippa Jane Roberts, Director of Legal Policy and Solicitor, Hope for Justice
Jamie Rosseland, Antitrafficking Consultant
Dr Katarina Schwarz, Associate Director, The Rights Lab, University of Nottingham
Mihai Serban, Council of Europe – GRETA member
Gulnara Shahinian, Democracy Today
Dr Hanni Stoklosa, HEAL trafficking
Peter Williams, Principal Advisor on Modern Slavery, International Justice Mission (IJM)